Puzzle #1: Kickoff Conundrum

Puzzle #1: “Kickoff Conundrum”

Difficulty: Tricky

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF


Happy Monday, and welcome to my weekly blog!

I’m honored you’re here, and I hope you enjoy what I’ve whipped up for today! My goal is to have a new, completely original crossword puzzle posted here every Monday, so you can kick your week off with a good brain sharpener. I’ll be providing each puzzle in both AcrossLite and PDF formats, as per the standards, and will post the solution the following week. The rating widget at the top of each post will give you an opportunity to let me know what you thought about the puzzle; comments are strongly encouraged, as I’d love to hear from you! Also, feel free to check out the About Me page if you’re curious, and use the Contact page if you’d like to reach out to me directly and privately.

Now to the puzzles: I plan to mix it up fairly well between themed and themeless puzzles, but may lean a bit towards the latter because they’re more fun for me to construct. They will be collectively varied in difficulty, which I will specify on each post, although very few should be tougher than an NYT Thursday to solve. As an “indie” publisher, I can assure you there will be a handful of off-color entries, but my intent is for these to strengthen the puzzles rather than hinder the solving experience.

I think that’s all I’ve got for my “administrative announcements,” so let’s kick this thing off with Puzzle #1 (and some music)!


The Grid Kid






5 thoughts on “Puzzle #1: Kickoff Conundrum

  1. Great crossword! I especially like the theme. I didn’t know 62-, 69-Across and 11-Down, but I did like the clue for 29-Across. Congratulations on the blog, I’m excited for the next puzzle. 4 stars from me. 🙂


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