Puzzle #3: Ivy-Covered

Puzzle #3: “Ivy-Covered”

Difficulty: Easy

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, solvers–

Welcome back to my blog! I hope that you’re having a pleasant Monday morning, and that you’re not as tired as I am in this 8 AM Econ discussion. As you’ve probably noticed, this site has undergone quite a makeover (including a shameful color change to my shameful self-portrait); this is because I realized a flaw in the previous layout that made the pages look kinda ugly. So this is it from now on, and I better not have to change everything again!

Let’s move on to the crossword. My goal is to provide some contrast in these first few weeks to see what you all like, so today’s puzzle is a nice, light offering (at least compared to my first two puzzles). That being said, I’ve ensured that the fun factor is on a par with my normal levels, and I hope you’ll enjoy the solve! I’m always open to suggestions, requests, and whatnot, so let me know what you think!


The Grid Kid

UPDATE, 10:09 AM: It appears the .puz file can’t be downloaded onto mobile devices in this new format. Looking into this now, sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE, 10:29 AM: Temporarily fixed this link, although it involves one extra click. Problem was within Dropbox for whatever reason, which I’ll continue to look into more. Meh. Enjoy, iPuzzlers!

UPDATE, 9:59 PM: A little late now, but the .puz link from Dropbox has been completely restored! Self-diagnosis: for whatever reason, the apostrophe next to the close quote in the 55D clue caused the whole uploaded file to go haywire! Who knew? Apostrophe has been removed. Problem solved, unless you’re a persnickety grammarian.






2 thoughts on “Puzzle #3: Ivy-Covered

  1. I thought TSCORES was pretty obscure and I dislike texting shortcuts that I have to look up to understand even after I solve the puzzle, but the crosses were fair, so that’s a minor nit. Liked the theme. Not sure how you’re going to do DART-MOUTH ….


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