Puzzle #4: Freestyle 2

Puzzle #4: “Freestyle 2”

Difficulty: Upper-end medium

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Welcome back, solvers!

Drove 15 hours this weekend–from UVA to Cornell and back–so I am incredibly wiped out. Totally worth it though. However, it left me less time to focus on writing my weekly post, so this one is kinda short. Anyway, this week’s puzzle is a freestyle/themeless with 29 answers of 7+ letters. Hopefully that’s a good thing; I tried to make it all as clean and zippy as possible. Clued it all up in a bit of crunch time, though I hope that doesn’t mean any of its quality has been diminished! You be the judge. Nevertheless, enjoy this Monday, and I’ll be back in a week with hopefully more to say!


The Grid Kid


One thought on “Puzzle #4: Freestyle 2

  1. Very entertaining. The 1D/17A cross was a personal Natick, but I probably should have been able to suss it. Actually liked your puzzle better than BEQ today. Nice job.


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