Puzzle #8: October Forecast

Puzzle #8: “October Forecast”

Difficulty: Simple…once you catch on

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, puzzlers!!

Welcome back to the latest installment of my crossword blog! Today’s puzzle is inspired by an Andy Kravis tour-de-force: Andy runs an excellent blog, Cruciverbalist at Law, and this puzzle is just one of his many sweet publications. Solving it now may spoil what I’ve created, but you should definitely check it out at some point! Anyway, I’ve whipped up a 16 x 15 grid full of all sorts of gimmicks for your enjoyment, but before you solve, MAKE SURE TO READ THE NOTEPAD. It isn’t essential, I guess, though it’ll prevent a good deal of confusion from occurring.

One last plug before I’m out: go to this! A tournament with a focus on indie stuff? Hosted by some awesome guys? Close to home (for me, at least)? I am soooo there. And you should be too.


The Grid Kid



8 thoughts on “Puzzle #8: October Forecast

  1. Dude. I tried to make this same exact puzzle on Friday so I could rush it to the web on Saturday! I couldn’t get any decent enough matches except for TAPE/TYPE [Record, in a way], so I just abandoned it. Very pleased to see you got it to work — MATH/MYTH is a great find. I’ve never heard of ALL-METAL, though.


  2. No kidding!! I’m also not a fan of ALL-metal either (describing the makeup of a product), but that was the best I could come up with…I REALLY underestimated the ??L/??T given other constraints. Also, I tried TAPE/TYPE first as well but couldn’t think of a good enough clue; yours is fantastic!

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    • David,

      Good catch! Having been to D.C. so many times, I assumed it was and didn’t even think to check…how embarrassing though. Thanks for this!


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