Puzzle #10: WWWhat?

Puzzle #10: “WWWhat?”

Difficulty: Tough, at least in parts

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, solvers–

Happy Monday as usual, and happy November! Hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back an hour…or just let their iPhones do it automatically, like me. I probably would have forgotten otherwise. Today’s puzzle is a toughie like last week’s, but this time it’s a themed construction, and the revealer is nice and modern. Important note, though: for whatever reason, the .puz file does not want to cooperate with me on mobile devices; while it indeed “works,” the grid is displayed in a way that makes solving it a LOT easier, and therefore takes away from the challenge-y fun. So if you’re looking for the most rewarding solving experience, I HIGHLY recommend printing out the PDF or solving on a computer!

Also, if you have any suggestions for a great seed entry, something I should construct, what I should construct more of, what font I should use for weekly blog posts, etc…reach out to me via the Contact page! It’d be great to know the interests of my solvers, so I can act accordingly.


The Grid Kid



One thought on “Puzzle #10: WWWhat?

  1. fun solve. even after seeing the theme, i was staring at the middle section for 5 minutes because i couldn’t make anything work with BITLY.


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