Puzzle #11: Puz Words

Puzzle #11: “Puz Words”

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, everyone–

Welcome back to my blog, and to its latest installment! Today’s offering is inspired by 69-Across, but more so by this incredible puzzle from 10/9/2011 (sorry, but I can only attach the solution grid; purchase the NYT to solve for yourself!). I actually finished filling the grid a few weeks ago, slotting it for today…and whaddya know? The same theme–by the same constructor–recently appeared again in another fantastic puzzle! So let’s just call what I have today a nice little follow-up, with a few non-PC theme answers thrown in for good measure. Do forgive my lack of originality…although each theme answer is unique, from what I can see. Enjoy!


The Grid Kid


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