Puzzle #14: Blogmaster’s Clues (A Guest Puzzle by Chase McFarland)

Puzzle #14: “Blogmaster’s Clues” (by Chase McFarland)

Difficulty: Medium

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, everybody!

Happy Monday, happy December, and happy Dieting-After-That-Heavy-Thanksgiving-Meal Week Month Eternity! On the real, I hope your holiday went as well as mine did, and that you didn’t gain as much weight as me…my “food baby” still has yet to vanish. And for those that went Black Friday shopping, I salute you; I was unable until later that evening, and that doesn’t really count. Looks like I’ll need to buy all my holiday gifts another time!

Speaking of which, if you know someone that likes puzzles as much as you do, and would like to give him/her a great gift, then you should consider my personalized crossword service! If you’re interested, fill out this specification sheet, and I’ll get back to you with more details.

Anyway, enough with my obnoxious plugs and sorry attempts at humor, for it’s time for the crossword. Today, I bring to you a puzzle created not by myself, but by a fan, Chase McFarland. Chase has not only produced a handsome construction (only 72 words and 31 blocks, with LOTS of spiffy fill!), but it appears to be related to this blog, for which I am honored beyond belief. I hope you enjoy this puzzle as much as I sure did, and I truly cannot thank Chase enough!


The Grid Kid

P.S.: Are you interested in having your work presented on this site? Reach out to me!


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