Puzzle #16: Freestyle 6

Puzzle #16: “Freestyle 6”

Difficulty: Crazy Hard

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy Monday, solvers!

Super, super short post here today (I really mean it this time)! I’ve got two finals left, and it is starting to dawn on me how much time I’ve spent on crosswords and not Systems and Statics studying. Shoutout to 41-Down, because that’s what I’ll be reviewing learning as you read this! So I’ll leave the puzzle here for you: a tough freestyle with a whole bunch of crazy, crunchy miscellany, in both entries and clues. Hopefully it isn’t toooo much of a doozy; TTFN!


The Grid Kid



One thought on “Puzzle #16: Freestyle 6

  1. It wasn’t too bad, I got QR CODE and TAQUITO and it went pretty quickly after. Overall, not too easy and but not too hard. An enjoyable solve.


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