Puzzle #17: Ho-Ho Ha-Ha

Puzzle #17: “Ho-Ho Ha-Ha”

Difficulty: Yet another toughie, rated PG-13

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Hello, puzzlers!

Welcome back, and happy holidays! Whether you’ve been observing already or will do so in the future, I wish you all a great time full of good cheer! Today’s puzzle is brought to you by my excitement for the festivities, as well as my twisted sense of humor. I’ll leave you with the solve, but first, I have a few remarks:

  • This puzzle’s theme may be considered tasteless/offensive/stupid to some. Just wanted to throw it out there in advance, and say I mean no harm…just trying to have a little fun by getting creative. If you feel that anything has left a bad taste in your mouth, privately let me know so that I’m aware for the future!
  • The grid appears asymmetric, as I needed an 11/9/11/9 theme spread (in order); however, you may notice that there actually is quasi-symmetry, with two identical black square patterns in the top and bottom halves, which are divided by black square bars that follow left-right symmetry. Just thought I’d point this out, and say it actually made this grid quite fun to fill, because the areas were all super unique in terms of space!
  • If you are observant, you may notice that the clue for 5-Down is missing an accent over the “e” in Pokémon; in fact, if you are extremely observant, you may notice that I have omitted accents throughout every single puzzle I’ve made for this site! This is because I’m a Mac user experiencing technical difficulties whenever I try and upload my .txt file into Across Lite; the special characters make my clues look like ancient runes…WTF. So if any techy person out there wants to help a brotha out, contact me!

Talk to you guys in a week!


The Grid Kid


5 thoughts on “Puzzle #17: Ho-Ho Ha-Ha

  1. I’m a little late, I know, but love the photo you chose. Bad Santa epitomizes the spirit of the holiday. It puts the Triple-X in Xmas. Thank you for B.B. Thornton – and, seriously, for a bunch of great puzzles. A Happy Christian Gregorian New Year to all! (Not that there’s anything wrong with being unhappy, non-Christian, old or having a name other than Gregory…)


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