Puzzle #26: Freestyle 9

Puzzle #26: “Freestyle 9”

Difficulty: Difficult

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Happy Monday, all!

Sounds like the Academy Awards were fun to watch last night, or at the very least, interesting enough! I’m not a huge movie buff myself, so that and my lack of cable kept me from following along. However, talk about luck: I had JUST finished tweaking my clues for today’s offering, and I saw numerous headlines regarding 33-Down and his controversial joke at the ceremony…there went my original clue, replaced with the *extremely* fresh one you see now! Hopefully I didn’t botch anything about it, as I don’t know anything outside of what a few news sources have confirmed.

As for the rest of this puzzle, this is a NYT rejection that had been sitting in my archives for around two years! Since I’ve developed my skills more with time, this freestyle has a lot more blah crosswordese entries than I would have normally allowed, even in an indie offering. That being said, I hope the nicer pieces of fill are worth these compromises. Oh, and I’m sorry I keep dropping so much Pink Floyd sh*t in my grids…I really couldn’t resist…it was too perfect 🙂


The Grid Kid


Puzzle #25: Like A Rap God

Puzzle #25: “Like A Rap God”

Difficulty: One of the easiest puzzles on my site so far — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, now, does it

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Good morning, all–

Welcome back to the latest installment of my blog! Hoping your Gale-ntine’s Day was full of love and, in multiple respects, warmth. Mine definitely involved the former, but my God, I was freezing my ass off…and it was supposedly 41 degrees!? My quivering body very much disagreed. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to start up; or if it’s really going to stay cold, can it at least snow a bunch so I can take a day off of classes? (Yes, I know, New Englanders…”Be careful what you wish for.”)

Without further ado, today’s puzzle is meant to be nice and simple, compared to some of my more recent offerings. I think I’ve been extremely inaccurate as a whole in judging the difficulty of my work, so hopefully I’m right about this week’s puzzle, before one of y’all sues me. Good luck, enjoy, and reach out to me with your thoughts! Seriously, I love hearing from you guys…even if it’s just to say “whaddup.”


The Grid Kid

Puzzle #24: Search Party

Puzzle #24: “Search Party”

Difficulty: The easier side of medium

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Welcome back, everyone!

Today’s post is going to be super short…I apologize. This past week (actually, more like two weeks) has just been super busy, and I’ve gotta focus on passing my courses as well as keeping a roof over my head. So for those of you that have written me emails lately, forgive me for not responding in a timely manner, and I promise I’ll get to you at some point in the next day or two!

We’re back to Themeland in today’s offering, after a two-week hiatus. This puzzle is meant to have a modern feel to it, more so than my usual publications; it was inspired by the theme component of 21-Across, which I didn’t know was a thing until I read about it in recent news. When I noticed that this could combine with the theme component of 49-Across to produce a legitimate English word, my crossword light bulb went off. Unfortunately, I had to alter the original theme idea significantly, as you will see from solving, but it makes for a nice bit of trivia! Enjoy, all y’all.


The Grid Kid

Puzzle #23: Something Different 1

Puzzle #23: “Something Different 1”

Difficulty: Evil

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, solvers–

Really grateful I’m not Pete Carroll right now. Or the Seahawks’ Offensive Coordinator. Or a Seahawks fan altogether; that fight in the final 18 seconds, while providing me a bit of comic relief, was just disgraceful. But hey, baseball season is officially around the corner, and basketball is starting to get pretty exciting!

Quick puzzling announcement: my friend Evan Birnholz has a kickass meta puzzle this week on his blog, Devil Cross. I had the privilege of test-solving, and actually figured out the meta answer then, which gave me quite an “aha” moment! So try it out, along with the many other great puzzles that he publishes every Saturday!

Without further ado, I bring you today’s crossword: my first-ever Something Different puzzle. For those of you that have never heard of this, it’s simply a crossword puzzle that is presented normally, but is full of 75+% nonsense entries; anything is fair fill as long as it can be clued appropriately and isn’t just some string of letters. A few examples of these clue/answer combos are below:

  • [Apple product that couldn’t stand the heat] = MELTED IPOD TOUCH
  • [Size at a certain clothing store] = TJ MAXX XXL
  • And even some wordplay: [Wild West?] = KANYE UNTAMED

Notice how these entries are clued as if they’re completely legitimate. From a constructor’s standpoint, these things are loads of fun to create, and I believe are great exercises for generating fresh entries while working with wide-open spaces. That being said, I hope the solve is even more enjoyable, otherwise I haven’t done my job! Think outside the box while solving, and let me know about your experience; your feedback is crucial to how I design these in the future! Rate/comment/PM, and I’ll be super appreciative. Every thought counts.


The Grid Kid