Puzzle #23: Something Different 1

Puzzle #23: “Something Different 1”

Difficulty: Evil

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, solvers–

Really grateful I’m not Pete Carroll right now. Or the Seahawks’ Offensive Coordinator. Or a Seahawks fan altogether; that fight in the final 18 seconds, while providing me a bit of comic relief, was just disgraceful. But hey, baseball season is officially around the corner, and basketball is starting to get pretty exciting!

Quick puzzling announcement: my friend Evan Birnholz has a kickass meta puzzle this week on his blog, Devil Cross. I had the privilege of test-solving, and actually figured out the meta answer then, which gave me quite an “aha” moment! So try it out, along with the many other great puzzles that he publishes every Saturday!

Without further ado, I bring you today’s crossword: my first-ever Something Different puzzle. For those of you that have never heard of this, it’s simply a crossword puzzle that is presented normally, but is full of 75+% nonsense entries; anything is fair fill as long as it can be clued appropriately and isn’t just some string of letters. A few examples of these clue/answer combos are below:

  • [Apple product that couldn’t stand the heat] = MELTED IPOD TOUCH
  • [Size at a certain clothing store] = TJ MAXX XXL
  • And even some wordplay: [Wild West?] = KANYE UNTAMED

Notice how these entries are clued as if they’re completely legitimate. From a constructor’s standpoint, these things are loads of fun to create, and I believe are great exercises for generating fresh entries while working with wide-open spaces. That being said, I hope the solve is even more enjoyable, otherwise I haven’t done my job! Think outside the box while solving, and let me know about your experience; your feedback is crucial to how I design these in the future! Rate/comment/PM, and I’ll be super appreciative. Every thought counts.


The Grid Kid



3 thoughts on “Puzzle #23: Something Different 1

  1. Wild puzzle Kid. One of the toughest I’ve almost finished (had GATT instead of Watt). Keep up the good work! When do you have time to go to class?


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