Puzzle #25: Like A Rap God

Puzzle #25: “Like A Rap God”

Difficulty: One of the easiest puzzles on my site so far — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, now, does it

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, all–

Welcome back to the latest installment of my blog! Hoping your Gale-ntine’s Day was full of love and, in multiple respects, warmth. Mine definitely involved the former, but my God, I was freezing my ass off…and it was supposedly 41 degrees!? My quivering body very much disagreed. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to start up; or if it’s really going to stay cold, can it at least snow a bunch so I can take a day off of classes? (Yes, I know, New Englanders…”Be careful what you wish for.”)

Without further ado, today’s puzzle is meant to be nice and simple, compared to some of my more recent offerings. I think I’ve been extremely inaccurate as a whole in judging the difficulty of my work, so hopefully I’m right about this week’s puzzle, before one of y’all sues me. Good luck, enjoy, and reach out to me with your thoughts! Seriously, I love hearing from you guys…even if it’s just to say “whaddup.”


The Grid Kid


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