Puzzle #26: Freestyle 9

Puzzle #26: “Freestyle 9”

Difficulty: Difficult

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy Monday, all!

Sounds like the Academy Awards were fun to watch last night, or at the very least, interesting enough! I’m not a huge movie buff myself, so that and my lack of cable kept me from following along. However, talk about luck: I had JUST finished tweaking my clues for today’s offering, and I saw numerous headlines regarding 33-Down and his controversial joke at the ceremony…there went my original clue, replaced with the *extremely* fresh one you see now! Hopefully I didn’t botch anything about it, as I don’t know anything outside of what a few news sources have confirmed.

As for the rest of this puzzle, this is a NYT rejection that had been sitting in my archives for around two years! Since I’ve developed my skills more with time, this freestyle has a lot more blah crosswordese entries than I would have normally allowed, even in an indie offering. That being said, I hope the nicer pieces of fill are worth these compromises. Oh, and I’m sorry I keep dropping so much Pink Floyd sh*t in my grids…I really couldn’t resist…it was too perfect 🙂


The Grid Kid


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