Puzzle #28: Legalization

Puzzle #28: “Legalization”

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy almost Spring, puzzlers!

My test solver remarked the following upon completion of today’s puzzle: “You do, of course, realize, that these puzzles of yours have already ruled out politics as an option for you in the future?” Darn. I thought I might’ve had a shot at being POTUS someday. How tragic.

Anyway, I had a bunch of fun coming up with today’s theme entries and surrounding grid. I really wanted to try and pack in as much as I could without significantly compromising any fill. Obviously, the 44 blocks aren’t favorable, especially those UGLY chunks near the top-right and bottom-left sections, but my word count is 72, which technically means it can qualify as a themeless. And I was really lucky in jamming in some fun non-theme stuff, at least to my standards: 4D, 43D, 45D, 51A, 25A crossing 26D, 10D, 61A, etc. 59A actually saved me from having to do a real makeover on this thing…huge thanks to its existence!

Oh, and cover your kids’ eyes, because this one is most definitely rated NC-17. Enjoy!


The Grid Kid



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