Puzzle #31: In Honor of Today

Puzzle #31: “In Honor of Today”

Difficulty: Medium-tough

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy April Fool’s Day, puzzlers!

As some of you astute solvers decided to point out, this was the plan alllllll along…kudos for figuring me out in advance! I guess I should’ve been a little more subtle with the whole “maybe I’ll post one on Wednesday” thing. Anyway, I hope your patience will be rewarded now with this 20×19 grid!

In other news, this past weekend’s ACPT was just a delight, and I was so appreciatively with those of you that reached out to me there. There were a few of you that I may have missed, for which I’m sorry, but there are many other tournaments to look forward to, along with next year’s ACPT! What a blast, though; I finally cracked the top 100 too, and am shooting for top 75 next year! Already getting excited for it, along with seeing many of you again 🙂


The Grid Kid



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