Brief hiatus for finals season…

Hey all,

I’m terribly sorry to do this, but there will be no puzzle this week and the next. I’m not April Fool-ing or anything this time either 😦

From now until May 8th, I will be overburdened by my many final exams, projects, and other loose ends I need to tie up before I can say I’ve finished my fourth semester successfully. Making puzzles while taking 20 credits has worked out well so far, but when every class requires my full attention at the same time, something’s gotta give, much to my frustration.

Once again, I apologize for this inconvenience, but I’ll be back with a new, sparkly puzzle on May 11th! Thank you in advance for your understanding!

UPDATE: I’m pushing it back just one more day to Tuesday, May 12th. Weekend, despite not imposing any finals, was another doozy. Looking forward to finishing up the cluing for Puzzle #35 and having it then…thank you again for your patience!


The Grid Kid


One thought on “Brief hiatus for finals season…

  1. Grid Kid – Absolutely no apology necessary. I love your puzzles, and will be glad when they are back, but your education is your #1 priority right now. Your fans’ lives won’t fall apart because they don’t have a puzzle this week. We’ll be here ready and rarin’ to go when you return.

    See you in a few weeks!

    Jeff Ring


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