Puzzle #35: Moving Van

Puzzle #35: “Moving Van”

Difficulty: Mix of clues/fill for every day of the week

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Most Recent Solution


I’m baaaaaaack. Ah, and it feels so good! Truly hated being unable to focus much on puzzling in these past few weeks…but since finals are over and summer is coming, it’s time to get back on the grind! That being said, I do want to make a quick announcement, that is borne out of my procrastination and desire not to let you solvers down as much as I do:

FROM NOW ON, MY SITE WILL UPDATE EVERY MONDAY AT NOON, NOT 8 AM. This is so that in case I have much unfinished work in the wee hours, I can sleep it off, wake up early, and finish. I’d rather not have to rush myself on the cluing either, since I truly strive for originality, so long as stuff makes sense. Thank you for understanding, and I hope this’ll be for the better!

This puzzle was inspiring by my moving back to Northern Virginia, and then Baltimore, for the summer. Didn’t need a van for my belongings, but it helped me come up with a simple crossword theme! Now, I worried that something like it had been previously done in a mainstream outlet, so I figured it would be in my best interest to make the collection of theme entries an interesting bunch. It also allowed be to give a shoutout to one of the best indie constructors in the business! (Don’t click until after solving, but you BETTER click once you’re finished!)

A few construction notes y’all might find interesting:

  • Of course, the grid is an odd 25×17; I did this because it allowed for the best placement of theme entries. Besides, who doesn’t love it when they’re double stacked, and the crossers are generally smooth?
  • I didn’t even notice until after construction that not a single non-theme answer is greater than 7 letters! New constructors, don’t try this at home. Bad Grid Kid. Fortunately, a good amount of these “middle range” answers are pretty lively; I’m partial to 11A, 40A, 58A, 74A, 89A, 98A, 33D, 37D, 79D, and 81D.
  • While I know several of you will scowl at answers like 25A and 46A, as they’re widely unfamiliar, I much prefer them to any crosswordese when constructing indie puzzles. In fact, the two “cheater squares” in the top-right and bottom-left corners were initially unused, but I didn’t like how stale the top-right felt. Although it is now a bit proper noun-heavy to my liking, I figure it has the potential to be more exciting/interesting to my solving audience here. Let me know if you disagree, of course; the only way I can cater to you solvers is through your responses!

Anyway, enjoy today’s offering, and may Naticks not be a problem! I’ll be back next Monday with a new puzzle, I promise!


The Grid Kid



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