Glitchy PUZ Files. Ugh.

Hiya everyone,

It’s come to my attention that aside from this week’s PUZ file link, the ones from other recent puzzles haven’t been working either! My guess is that there is something currently wrong with the file-hosting site itself, so I’m planning on using another for the time being, or perhaps permanently.

Even so, I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience–especially for those of you that weren’t able to obtain the meta puzzle (#36) in PUZ format!–and I hope this doesn’t continue. If you’re still experiencing errors, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me…the sooner I know about this stuff, the sooner I can try and fix it!

Below are updated PUZ links for Puzzles #35-37. I’ll go ahead and update them in other parts of the site shortly. If there are errors with any other PUZ files before then, let me know, and I can move them over to the other site (actually, if there is indeed a problem with the one I’ve been using, I’ll have to move them all…but still, tell me about them!).

Puzzle #37: “Freestyle 12”

Puzzle #36: “There’s Gotta Be A Shortcut”

Puzzle #35: “Moving Van”



The Grid Kid


One thought on “Glitchy PUZ Files. Ugh.

  1. Wow–what a freakin’ puzzle! I can’t believe all the long downs you drove through those triple stack, all of which are great answers. And there’s not a dud among those long downs. Well, OK, SALSACAN. But I can’t believe you got all of those excellent answers through the stack.

    My only complaint is the clues for the TAT/NASTY crossing. Especially the TAT clue: it felt really forced, especially crossing NAS_Y, which, for a non-baseball person, could have been just about anything.


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