Puzzle #41: Freestyle 14

Puzzle #41: “Freestyle 14”

Difficulty: Easier than most

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good morning, solvers!

Too tired to think, so the formation of sentences is rather difficult right about now. All I’ll say is that this puzzle was not meant to be…I try and avoid back-to-back freestyles when I can, as much as I love making them. But then 58-Across happened, and that was too much to ignore. Didn’t expect to end up making another 66-worder though, with a 1.88 Scrabble average* to boot!

*this is only an “achievement” when the answers with said Scrabbly letters are lively. I’d like to think my effort was legitimate.

Anyway, I’ll let you to the solving as I try and make it through a full day of work (*holds breath*). Enjoy!


The Grid Kid


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