Puzzle #49: Freestyle 17

Puzzle #49: “Freestyle 17”

Difficulty: HARD…but the payoff should be nice

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution

Happy TUESDAY, everyone–

Forgive the almost-24-hour delay; I actually had a puzzle ready as normal, but decided to postpone it to this coming week. That’s right: the puzzle that you’re solving today was not part of the initial plan…in fact, it was only just conceived in the wee hours of these past two days. It may appear to be a 72-word freestyle, but you may notice that there are a few odd pieces–compromises, perhaps–in the fill. Could this mean that there is a veiled theme lurking in the grid? That’s for you all to find out! This took me many, many iterations to fully flesh out, and if I may say, the final result is one of my favorite puzzles I’ve ever made. May you enjoy solving it as much as I did creating it–I hope the “aha” moment is meaningful to all!


The Grid Kid


9 thoughts on “Puzzle #49: Freestyle 17

  1. Yes, not too hard at all for me, for some reason. Did it in 8:55, which is about Tuesday/Wednesday speed. Helps that I got the theme answers right away. Really nice though. Highlights include 11D clue & fill, 61A clue, 6D clue, and 34A at the center was cheeky and fun. Didn’t love 56A as I’ve never heard that as a phrase, but maybe it’s regional. Thank you for this!

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  2. At first I thought the two long entries were the only theme in the grid. Looking at it again, I just realized the other facet of the theme, and I’m even more impressed. Incredible tribute to an incredible guy.


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