Puzzle #51: Freestyle 18

Puzzle #51: “Freestyle 18”

Difficulty: Medium

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy THURSDAY, everybody–

Whew! Never thought that the second full week of college could be so…..busy. I missed a match of LearnedLeague, for crying loud, because I was going, going, going…ughhhhhh. So I finally found a bit of time this morning to finish the clues, and I now present you with the final product. It’s starting to become a broken record by now, but forgive the delay! Ain’t easy to balance puzzling with 19 credits of classes and schoolwork, 20-hour-a-week job stuff, extracurriculars, and a weekend social life–but I wouldn’t do it any differently, because it’s something I truly love 🙂 Thank you, each one of you, for bearing with me…I promise I’m trying my best! Enjoy the puzzle, and mark my words, there will be a new Puzzle #52 on Monday, especially since it denotes a year of output.


The Grid Kid


2 thoughts on “Puzzle #51: Freestyle 18

  1. ditto for me. the output of you Indie-structors amazes me as it is.
    don’t kill yourself… stop and smell the roses. then make more puzzles (and thanks!)

    and a quick thanks for “oobleck”. i first heard the word on an LP record in the late 50s
    (flip side was Yertle the Turtle.)

    early impressions indeed.

    ah, seuss… a childrens zeus.


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