Puzzle #52: Ruff Stuff

Puzzle #52: “Ruff Stuff”

Difficulty: Easy theme, tougher clues

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy Monday, puzzlers–

Today’s publication marks a year of Grid Kid puzzles! Technically, it’s been a bit longer, but I skipped a calendar week or two awhile back to focus on my studies.

I guess I just want to take some time here to thank every last one of you for supporting me throughout this entire process: whether you’re one of my friends from school that clicked a Facebook post out of curiosity, or a crossword veteran that has gone out of their way to provide me constructive feedback…it all means the world. And it motivates me. Regardless of the occasional frequent time crunches I’ve put myself through, my smile has never faded, and my passion simply continues to grow. I’d like to think that my skills have developed quite a bit too; at the very least, I feel both more ambitious and capable of creating unique, high-quality work.

Overall, crossword puzzles aside, you viewers have shown this budding adult what it means to follow a dream. To see success as a direct result of determination and desire. That challenges are inevitable. And that mistakes are actually okay (!). So thank you all for accompanying me on this journey, and I’m excited to see where all this will be another year from now.


The Grid Kid



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