Need another day or two

Family emergency came up, so I’ll leave it at that. Everything’s okay. But I didn’t have the time yesterday to finish up the puzzles I promised. Sorry for the 359409309th time. Why did I procrastinate until the Sunday before AGAIN? Ha, gotcha–I didn’t. These puzzles may just be the most difficult ones I’ve ever made…difficult to construct, that is. Bear with me, and I promise I’ll have them live ASAP!


The Last-Minute Kid


7 thoughts on “Need another day or two

  1. wow, you guys are psychic !! I swear I was thinking my reply should be tritto’d, quadritto’d etc.

    I swear to god, and I am agnostic-Taoist so take that for what it’s worth.

    only xworders …
    only xworders (like, culty even.)


    hope all is swell again soon, kid.


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