Puzzle #62: Shots Fired

Puzzle #62: “Shots Fired”

Difficulty: My metas are never meant to be a struggle

Downloads:    PDF Only     Last Week Eon’s Solution

Update @ 3:25 PM: Extending the deadline all the way to the following Friday, 3/11, at noon. This will extend the opportunity to those of you that only check my site on Mondays. Capeesh? Also, thanks to Evan Birnholz for spotting a clue error at 41-Across: It should read [Conductor whose name ” ” “] rather than [Composer ” ” “]. My apologies; this is in no way related to the meta!

Happy Wednesday, puzzlers!

For the 1000000th time: *it’s alive*! I’m excited to be back on the grind; crosswording has been on the back burner as of late (including solving, sad to say), except for biweekly puzzles that I’ve been making for the Devarai Crossword App, my normal CavDaily campaign, and a pack of minis that I made for Joel Fagliano over at the NYT. However, especially with the ACPT in sight, I’m here to stay now. So let’s get cracking on today’s puzzle!

This meta puzzle has actually been in the works for years...it was only now that I was able to complete it smoothly and to the degree I wanted (I’ll elaborate on this next week when I have a full writeup). Note how there’s only a PDF…I apologize to you Across Lite users, but it’s probably better this way.  The theme itself can honestly stand alone, and I’m not even sure how original it is, but I figured the meta element would at least be a bit of a twist! This week’s meta answers are two common English words that are missing from this puzzle. Vague, I know, but…just solve and maybe you’ll see! All answers should be emailed to zerskyxwords@gmail.com (or you may use the Contact page on my site). Due by next Monday, 3/7, at noon…I will select a winner at random for a nifty prize. I look forward to hearing from many of you then–if there’s anybody left still reading my no-longer-abandoned site 🙂


The Grid Kid


3 thoughts on “Puzzle #62: Shots Fired

  1. Well, THAT was certainly fun! Very clever, Sam. Super impressive 😊

    I take it you’ll be at the ACPT? If so, I’ll see you there!




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