Clearing the Air

Hey, all–

In my haste, I think I omitted some important details related to my meta Puzzle #62. They should have been updated on the original post by now, but after receiving several related email responses, I still may not have resolved everything. This is especially true to those of you who are subscribed to my site and only see what I write on the first go-round. Anyway, let’s do this by the bullets:

  • There should be no PUZ file–only a PDF, which can be downloaded here. I believe that my original post may have included an Across Lite link, but that was nixed for reasons I’ll explain when my next puzzle is released. Also, the PDF link is included again here since it was glitchy for a select few, though I think I may have fixed the problem.
  • If you think you’ve solved the meta, email me your answer at, or use the Contact form on my site. Please, please, please don’t comment anything so as not to reveal an answer to other solvers! If you did already, no need to email me now, and don’t feel bad in the slightest–no one saw a thing because I never approved any comment for public display, and like I said, I could’ve explained things a LOT better.
  • Meta answers are due to me Friday, March 11 @ 12 PM EST.
  • Finally, wanted to state that I made a cluing error for 41-Across; it should read [Conductor ” ” “] rather than [Composer ” ” “]. This is in no way related to the meta–the solver in me just hates making these kind of mistakes!

Thanks, everyone, and sorry for all the confusion!


The Grid Kid


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