Puzzle #63: Freestyle on Steroids (collaboration with Tim Croce)

Puzzle #63: “Freestyle on Steroids”

Difficulty: This one goes to 11

Downloads:     PUZ      PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good evening, solvers!

It’s 6 PM on a Friday…why would I possibly write a post now? Well, I just finished collaborating on a new freestyle with Tim Croce of Club 72, and we’re sharing it on our sites at the exact same time! Tim has emerged as one of the my personal favorite themeless constructors; his work takes so many different forms, yet it shines in his signature style. Through our initial conversations, Tim and I figured out that we had so many must-use seed entries in common, which was pretty awesome. In fact, I had to put a few grids of my own on the back burner, since Tim kept beating me to the punch on debuting several sparkly entries in his work! Aside from the fill itself, Tim writes clues that compete with the Klahns and the Agards out there in the crossworld: they’re insane. Interesting bits of trivia. Devious wordplay. A good indie edge. What’s more, I learned through this collaboration that just about every single clue he puts in his puzzles is original…crazy, right?! Talk about setting the bar high…

Anyway, I could go on and on about how incredible Tim is as a constructor and a friend, but I wanna leave you to solve what we’ve created. I’d like to think that this puzzle is similar to a strong mixed drink: we’ve amplified the effects of each of our constructing specialties through the collaborative effort. Perhaps I’m more of a Natty Ice six-pack to Tim’s handle of Everclear…but that’s another story! Let us know what you think…and, barring extreme negative response, we’ll be back with more down the stretch!

(One last thing: Thanks to all who submitted meta answers for Puzzle #62: Shots Fired. The grid solution is attached above, and I’ll provide a writeup on Monday as well as reveal the prize winner! See ya then.)


The Grid Kid


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