Puzzle #65: Ain’t That The Greatest?

Puzzle #65: “Ain’t That The Greatest?”

Difficulty: Fairly easy…but can you find the hidden meta element?

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


UPDATE, ONE WEEK LATER: Use the following meta description instead. Based on the responses received thus far, I don’t think I was specific enough in my previous instructions. Find a non-theme entry in the grid and give it a new clue, in order to complete a second and separate (yet related) mini-theme to this puzzle’s subject. Good luck!


Good morning, puzzlers!

With this internship in full force, I don’t really have too much to chatter about, other than to request that people check me out on Twitter @thegridkid! Here, I plan on using my profile to release my newest links, express various crossword musings, and more…so do me a favor and follow, and I’ll happily follow back!

As you may notice from the difficulty description above, there’s a mini-meta in today’s offering. While the puzzle and its theme can stand alone/be appreciated as is, I included an extra element left as an additional challenge to the solver: can you find and change one answer’s clue to add another component to this puzzle’s theme? If you think you’ve got it figured out, send your answer–or rather, new clue–to zerskyxwords@gmail.com, or fill out the form on this site’s Contact page. Since this is more of an informal meta contest (sorry, no prizes this time!), I won’t set a deadline. But if you do get an answer, please drop me a line, because I’d love to see how many of my visitors suss this out. Good luck!


The Grid Kid


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