Puzzle #66: EggROFL

Puzzle #66: “EggROFL”

Difficulty: Tough

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy Monday, solvers!

I really wanted to whip up a quick puzzle commemorating last night’s epic NBA Finals showdown, but there’s no way it would have been ready in time for today…I’m done with the whole “delaying a puzzle’s publication” thing. Thus, what we have here is about the cheesiest puzzle I’ve ever made, though I hope it’s a fun one! Really strove for making the surrounding fill shine here…at 74 words, there’s a lot of longer non-theme stuff that you guys may find interesting.

Two more things:

  • Based on the various responses last week, my Puzzle #65 mini-meta ended up being a doozy that only five solvers cracked! …But I think this was due to my wording of the meta. Thus, I’m going to rephrase the instructions: Find a non-theme entry in the grid and give it a new clue, in order to complete a second and separate (yet related) mini-theme to this puzzle’s subject. Perhaps this will make more sense. You can download Puzzle #65 from the original post here. I’ll also update the meta instructions on it as well.
  • Keep following the new Grid Kid Twitter account! Trying to spread the word about my site through another social media outlet…share me with friends and family!


The Grid Kid


One thought on “Puzzle #66: EggROFL

  1. Uh…I’m not sure I got the theme. Is it just goofy egg-sounding terms? The whole black quiche thing is throwing me. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean.


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