Puzzle #68: Independence Day Wordplay, Vol. 2

Puzzle #68: “Independence Day Wordplay, Vol. 2”

Difficulty: Oh, just evil

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Happy ‘Merica Day, solvers!

Realized I could’ve made this puzzle a LOT harder if I wanted to, by making one very minor tweak…can you figure out what it is? I’m not a sadist though, for the most part, so I figured what we now have here would do. Enjoy my second annual puzzle on this special day, and I hope your fireworks won’t be rained out like mine! Siiiiiiigh.


The Grid Kid


2 thoughts on “Puzzle #68: Independence Day Wordplay, Vol. 2

  1. I liked it when I finished it, but I realized that there were more “born”s I hadn’t noticed upon completion. All four JULY letters have a “born” directly “on” (top) of them. Absolutely gorgeous.
    However, I don’t see where you could have tweaked it harder.


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