Puzzle #70: Freestyle 23

Puzzle #70: “Freestyle 23”

Difficulty: Easy-ish, though skews kinda young

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Hello, puzzlers!

Got another freestyle here for this week, with smooth fill just about all around, at least compared to Puzzle #69. This was actually one of my puzzles that was initially accepted by Buzzfeed, but returned after freelance constructing was discontinued 😦 Oh well, it sure has a home here now on this site! Enjoy!


The Grid Kid


2 thoughts on “Puzzle #70: Freestyle 23

  1. Given that “HDMI CoRD” and “HDMI CaRD” are both legit connectors, that left me baffled on “BALL So HARD” which I reinterpreted as “BALLSa HARD”. Definitely not in my wheelhouse. 🙂


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