Puzzle #71: He’s Back!

Puzzle #71: “He’s Back!”

Difficulty: Beginner–seriously

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


UPDATE: I’m not gonna bother changing the puzzle links, but I realized my clue for 3-Down is slightly off…I meant to refer to the answers, not the clues 🙂


Good afternoon, puzzlers!

Hope your summer days are not as brutal as it is here right now: scorching heat during the day, heavy claps of thunder during the wee hours of the night, and high humidity across the board. Whew! Of course, I now have to wear these “adult clothes”–y’know, dress shirts and khakis–on a daily basis, which is simply unfamiliar to this neophyte and all the more unwelcome in these weather conditions. But, hey, if that’s the worst thing I’m complaining about these days, then life’s treating me pretty well.

Today’s puzzle is a bit different, because it’s actually not meant to be a brain buster! In fact, I’m targeting solvers that are newer to the indie world with this one…so if you know anyone that’s interested in solving more than what the mainstream outlets produce, then direct him/her over here! The theme is simple, the fill is generally familiar, and the cluing is light…but there’s just enough indie pizzazz sprinkled around for the puzzle to have an overall Grid Kid indie feel. I hope you enjoy it, and if so, gimme a good rating along with a Facebook/Twitter share!


The Grid Kid


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