Puzzle #72: Backing Down From Getting Things Done

Puzzle #72: “Backing Down From Getting Things Done”

Difficulty: Pretty tough. Lots of oddball clues.

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good afternoon, solvers!

For starters, I just want to say that I’m just getting around to looking at a bunch of unread email; if you’ve been waiting on a response from me, I sincerely apologize! I do truly appreciate each and every time someone reaches out to me directly, and I’m doing a terrible job at conveying that. I look to have everything tied up by tonight, but I sure don’t want to rush any responses…quality over quantity, y’know.

On to what we’ve got here. I actually had this puzzle’s theme (and all its answers) locked in for a while now…but it took forever to find a grid to house them all successfully. And when that finally worked out, the fills I was generating were horrendous to my standards. So this is a great example of a puzzle that sat on the back burner for good bit, then finally made a resurgence to the top of my archives! Hope you appreciate the result; it took a LOT of tweaking to iron out!

I’m also just gonna say that, FWIW, 5-Down is one of my all-time favorite answers I’ve used in an indie puzzle… [laughs maniacally]


The Grid Kid


2 thoughts on “Puzzle #72: Backing Down From Getting Things Done

  1. Good puzzle as usual. Didn’t know quite a few things but the grid allowed me to figure them. Hope to see you in a weekend NYT, LAT or Newsday Stumper.


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