Puzzle #73: Skyfall

Puzzle #73: “Skyfall”

Difficulty: One of the hardest puzzles I will ever put on this blog. I think.

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good…morning? Evening? Puzzlers?

I’m in the wee hours typing this post, and on a Thursday night/Friday morning…so what’s going on? Well, I’ll have you know that this week’s delay was entirely intentional–in a manner for you to discover! However, as you may note from the blurb above, this one is H-A-R-D. I actually had to scale a bunch of the clues back to even Monday-level difficulty, because this puzzle is a tough nut to crack, at least in my analysis. Then again, I don’t employ test solvers other than, uh, myself mimicking various skill levels, so I could’ve missed the mark big time here. Here’s hoping for an enjoyable solve–as always, I appreciate your feedback. Oh, and I apologize profusely for a few answers in this puzzle…this was about the cleanest I could get after many, many iterations!

(Side note: I also apologize profusely for the WHORE HOUSE cluing angle used last week. I figured it be better to go “current event-y” over “gross pun” or “stale, factual clue,” but yeah, now that I look back, it was still pretty tasteless. I mean no disrespect to Lamar Odom or anything like that…hell, I grew up in a Lakers household, so I loved watching the guy!)


The Grid Kid


3 thoughts on “Puzzle #73: Skyfall

  1. Nicely done. I finished it a little faster than my usual Saturday, a little slower than my usual Friday.

    BTW, way to go on the NYTimes Diagramless.


  2. Really impressive! We figured out what you were doing pretty early, but we’re almost done before we knew why. Nice aha moment indeed.


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