Puzzle #74: Freestyle 24

Puzzle #74: “Freestyle 24”

Difficulty: Normal AKA Hard

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Week’s Solution


Good evening, puzzlers!

This might be the quickest I’ve ever posted a new puzzle in relation to the previous offering, with less than four days elapsed since Puzzle #73’s release. However, it’s still pretty late on a Monday, so I’m sure many of you won’t get to this until at least tomorrow. Why? Part of this was because I wanted to allow solvers that hadn’t seen my blog in a week to try Puzzle #73 first…the other part, as I’m sure you’ll guess, was me taking my sweet-ass time with the cluing of this grid. I’d had the fill completed for a while, and was actually strongly considering sending it off to the NYT…but entries like 8A, 31D, and 63A ultimately had me thinking it was best suited for the indie world. So I hope you enjoy it here! If I may say, the clue/answer combo at 2D may be one of my all-time favorites–it was the seed entry, after all.


The Grid Kid


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