Puzzle #75: It’s Crazy (How the Time Goes On): A Meta Suite (Puzzle 1/7)

Puzzle #75: “It’s Crazy (How the Time Goes On): A Meta Suite (Puzzle 1/7)”

Difficulty: Idk

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF     Last Fortnight’s Solution


Good afternoon, solvers!

Thank you for your patience–the first day of a week-long meta suite has finally arrived! I’m so appreciative of the many solvers that reached out to me upon Monday’s announcement of this challenge…it seriously means so much to feel that the work I publish is both exciting and in high demand. I will say, I’ve never done anything quite like this before, though hopefully it lives up to the hype! Let’s go over the basics, then, shall we?

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a meta puzzle is a style of crossword that bears another layer/element–a “meta” answer–often suggested by the puzzle’s theme. For example, if I present a puzzle with the entries SNAP JUDGMENTS/CRACKLE FINISH/POP PSYCHOLOGY, and then state in the instructions that I’m looking for a breakfast cereal, you could look at the first word of each of the answers above and determine “Rice Krispies” to be the meta answer. Make sense?

That being said, the meta solution I’ve created for this week will be a LOT harder to grok than the above. But that’s the fun of the challenge! And even so, with the exception of the final (seventh) puzzle in the suite, each of my upcoming puzzles is meant to stand alone. That is, the independent nature of a puzzle’s theme/fill/etc. can be enjoyed by one who isn’t solving a meta at all!

TL;DR? Ready to move on? Here’s a bullet-point summary.

  • Seven puzzles, one per day.
  • Each puzzle contains a unique, stand-alone theme, except for Puzzle 7/7 (next Wednesday).
  • There is only one meta that will involve the entire week’s worth of puzzles, rather than an individual meta answer to be determined each day.

The meta answer to this week’s puzzle set is an entry in a standard crossword grid. WHAAAAT??? For those of you thinking, “That makes absolutely no sense,” fear not…it’s meant to be that way. You’ll know the meta answer when you see it…hehehe.

If you think you know the meta answer, please send an email to zerskyxwords@gmail.com with your solution in the subject line. This contest will close 9/12/2016 @ 12 PM EDT, so please submit before then! After the deadline, I will select one correct answer at random to receive a prize from yours truly. Oh, and as an added incentive to send something in, I will put your name into my prize pool TWENTY times if you can somehow, *somehow,* figure out the meta answer before Puzzle 7/7 is published next Wednesday 🙂

Happy solving, and good luck to everyone–I look forward to your submissions!


The Grid Kid



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