Puzzle #81: It’s Crazy (How the Time Goes On): A Meta Suite (Puzzle 7/7)

Puzzle #81: “It’s Crazy (How the Time Goes On): A Meta Suite (Puzzle 7/7)”

Difficulty: Idk

Downloads:     PUZ     PDF


Good eeeeevening, everyone–

This is the moment you have all been waiting for…all day, might I add. Almost immediately after the post for Puzzle 6/7 went live, I realized that I wanted to shake things up with the one here–by posting it at between 11:55 and 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 7th. Why? Perhaps I figured it’d make more of an impact than something arbitrary? Idk. Either way, forgive my 1159th broken promise on the site since 9/1/2014, and just go with this.

Anyway, thank you for those that have stuck with me, as you now have all the necessary puzzles needed to go about solving the meta suite! As a refresher, the meta answer to this week’s puzzle set is an entry in a standard crossword grid. Still confusing?? Hopefully things start making sense soon. If you’ve figured it out, drop me a li’l note at zerskyxwords@gmail.com with your solution in the subject line. Remember that one lucky correct answer will receive a prize!

I look forward to celebrating my blogiversary with many of you 🙂


The Grid Kid


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